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We provide full logistics mission support from logistics military occupational specialties (MOS) training to providing direct services under the three logistics functional areas of maintenance, supply and transportation. Marton has an acute understanding of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) through development of comprehensive and executable logistics support plans.


Marton is a BOA holder under the Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE) Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA). The EAGLE program consolidated installation logistics functions in the United States and overseas under one Prime contractor at each location.


  • Materiel Maintenance Services
  • Retail/Wholesale Supply Services
  • Receipt, Store and Issue
  • Transportation Support Services
  • Army Prepositioned Stock (APS)
  • Left Behind Equipment (LBE)
  • Pre-Deployment Training Equipment (PDTE)
  • New Equipment Training (Net)
  • Equipment Reset
  • Vehicle and Systems Maintenance Support
  • Ammunition Accountability and Storage
  • Hazmat Handling, Storage and Accountability
  • Material Control, Accountability and Storage
  • Automotive Repair, Allied Trades, Unit Maintained Equipment (UME), Passback Maintenance and Container Repair
  • Central Issue Facility (CIF)
  • Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO)
  • Bulk Fuel (Class IIIB)
  • Supply Support Activity (SSA)
  • Ammunition Supply Point (ASP)
  • Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO)
  • Deployment/Redeployment
  • Material Movements (Freight) (UMO)
  • Transportation Motor Pool (TMP)