September 26, 2020: Marton was awarded a 14 million dollar contract under its Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services (RS3) contact vehicle. This contract provides environmental, facilities and safety services including equipment management, maintenance, property control, transportation, warehouse - receiving/distribution, industrial hygiene and environmental in support of the CCDC C5ISR Center Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate’s (NVESD) mission of supporting the augmentation, development and refurbishment of sensor laboratories and sensor testing facilities residing within the secured Area 300 Compound, Fort Belvoir, VA, Davison Airfield, VA and Fort A.P. Hill, VA.

NVESD houses a number of laboratory facilities with unique requirements to include chemical labs, laser labs, a semi-conductor microfactory and an indoor firing range. These laboratories and testing facilities must remain fully operational 365 days a year. Marton is excited to support NVESD’s important mission.